We take a look at Velofresh, a range of essential products for Cyclists

Sunday morning, the suns out and I’m cycling along one of my favourite routes in Kent. Enjoying the fresh air and taking in the surroundings I don’t see the pot hole that I hit nearly buckling my wheel and cracking my forks! After a few naughty words I pull over as my chain has also jumped off.

A quick spin of the wheel and the chain jumps back into gear and can set off again. My serene Sunday can start again, now if I could just get the Grease and dirt of my hands!!!

If like me the thought of cycling along with grease and road dirt all over your hands covering your bar tape fills you with fear, then read on.

I have been trying out Velofresh Grease and Grime Remover Power Wipes, the first product in a line of proposed “pocket essentials” for Cyclists by Val and Piers O’Neill.

Like most great ideas Velofresh was formed by the Husband and Wife team after taking up Cycling along with Son Nathan. Velofresh came about as they sought to solve everyday problems that cyclists encounter.

The wipes come in a handy pack that fits easily into the back pockets of a cycling jersey or small saddle mounted bags. I have in the past carried baby wipes to clean down the Bike and wipe my hands but these generally leave grease embedded in the skin, never completely cleaning. The Velofresh wipes clean the chain grease away completely.

At the moment Velofresh supply direct via their site Here at £2.99 including P&P which is pretty good value.

They are currently looking to expand the range of products via a crowd funding campaign which you can find more info on Here

With the summer now here and the Cycling Sportive season in full swing it is well worth adding the Velofresh wipes to your list of essential items to carry.


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