Being a MAMIL I like to try out new products that make my life easier.  I get a lot of grief about my hobby from the Missus, mostly about how I leave most of my equipment and cycling mags around the house.  And of course I often get remarks about my bikes cluttering up the house or the garage.  I admit they do get on the way occasionally.

If like me you cant bare to put your bike outside with a cover over it leaning against the fence then this might be for you.  Out of the blue I was approached by an eBay seller (daekqe Quality Cycle Equipment) who wanted me try his storage system.

I took a look and on the face of of it they seemed a bit cheap and looked quite flimsy.  I advised that I would be happy to give them a go and let him know what I thought.

When the package arrived I was pleasantly surprised, although very simple the product is well made and well finished.  It didn’t come with instructions but it is fairly to install.

You will need:

Tape Measure

Spirit Level


Drill/masonry bit

Screw driver/small adjustable spanner

You start by taking a measurement of the distance between your front wheel and back wheel where they are in contact with the ground.

Install the first stand to the required height on your chosen wall drilling two holes and using the supplied wall plugs and bolts.


Using a length of wood place the spirit level on the installed bracket and mark out the next bracket.  Use the distance taken earlier whilst measuring the distance between your wheels.

You may need help with the next bit, lift your bike on to the brackets and mark where your pedal is closest to the wall when in the up position, this will be for you pedal hook.  Again secure in place using the supplied plugs and bolts.

When finished hoist you bike up on to the brackets and hook to make sure that you have all the right measurements.

The whole installation should take no longer than 10 minutes.  You now have a bike storage system that will get the bike out of the house, keep the missus happy and give you a clean tidy out of the way place to keep your bike.

I would advise that if storing outside you have a decent bike cover and also fit some kind of chain or lock system.

You can pick the storage systems up for a very reasonable £10.95 from eBay.  In my opinion this is a well put together bit of kit, easy to install and it is available at a great price.  You can click on any of the pictures above or here to be taken to the sellers page on eBay.

9/10 for quality

8/10 for ease of installation

10/10 for price



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